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Before Flood | Adam to Noah

Adam | Seth:: The Conflict of Adam and Eve against satan

Known as The Book of Adam and Eve, translated from Geez (Gadla Adan wa Hewan)
by Reverand Malan, with notes from Jubilees, Talmud, Midrashim and other work

Ephrem :: The Book of the Cave of Treasure

History of the Patriarch, the kings and their successors from the Creation to the Crucifixion (Ms. British Museum Add 25875), translated from Syriac by Budge

Solomon :: The Book of the Bee

Translated from Syriac by Budge

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Tabari :: History from Creation to Adam and Kings

Complete Vol-40 in English  (French version, Chroniques de Tabari vol. 1 & 2)

Enoch :: The Book of Enoch

Known as 1Enoch , translated from Geez with the Gizeh and other Greek and Latin fragments by A. Dillmann with introduction and notes by  Charles. Clarendon Press 1893

Enoch :: The Book of the Secrets of Enoch

Known as 2Enoch, translated from Russian and Serbian by Morfill and edited by Charles

Liber Chronicarum :: The Nuremberg Chronicle

History from the Creation, Adam entire lineage to Jesus & until 1500’s, with portrayal of towns in Europe , reprinted and published by Hartmann in 1493

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De Sola :: Proper Names in Enoch Book

Martinez | Tigchelaar :: The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition

First publication in Aramaic of The Book of Enoch, translation by Milik, and other fragments found in the Caves of Qumran.

After Flood | Shem to Moses

Isaac :: Testament

From Sahidic (Copte), translated by Kuhn

Moses :: The Book of Jubilees

From Geez (Mets'hafe Kufale), translated by Reverand Schodde

Vilney :: Legends of Galilee, Jordan and Sinai

Third volume, almost 400 legends concerning Acco, Tyre, Nazareth, Capernaum, Tiberias; tales of sanctuaries, desertlands and waters (Red Sea, Sea of Galilee, River Jordan) and biblical heroes (Mose, King David, Deborah, Elijah, Job)

Baring-Gould :: Legend of Patriarchs and Prophets

Issaverdens :: Uncanonical Writings of Old Testament

From Armenian (Ankanon girk Hin Ktakaranats) edited by Sargis Hovsep'eants (Mss St Lazarus Monastery Library), translated by Reverend Issaverdens

Eisenman | Wise :: Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered

Complete translation and interpretation of 50 documents witheld for over 35 years

Sparks :: Apocryphal Old Testament

With translations and detailled bibliographies by Hedley Sparks

After Christ | Apostles priesthood

Barnabi :: The Sefer of Jesus

Revised according to Enoch the Scribe, the (first) Apostles, and Emmerich visions

Hoffman :: Wandering Jew

The Nag Hammadi Library (part)

The Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, Apocalypse of Adam, Apostles Acts