KERUI LCD GSM Wireless Home Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial Motion Detectors Appliance Control-in Alarm System Kits from Security & Protection

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KERUI LCD GSM Wireless Home Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial Motion Detectors Appliance Control Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Password Keyboard Yes
Display Yes
Video Interface Yes
Arming Type APP
Connection Type Wireless
Power DC 5V
Size 175*130*15mm
Kit Configuration Door/Window Sensor
Model Number KR-G19
Output Number 8 group number
Alarm Type SMS
Alarm Type The Alarm
Alarm Type Apps Control
Zone Number 2 Wired Zones and 97 Wireless Zones
Brand Name KERUI
Color White/black
Maximum Smart Sockets 20
Maximum RFID 20

KERUI LCD PIR Sensor GSM Autodial House Office Burglar Intruder Alarm System  Android and IOS APP Control

  • Home security system complete with fully programmable main unit, sensors and RFID disalarm
  • Low-voltage indication and anti-tamper
  • The host can be set and controlled by APP, supporting IOS/Android
  • Appliance Control , Can remote control light ,refrigerator, air conditioning etc.
  • Built-in rechargeable high capacity LI battery and supply power automatically when power supply failure
  • Auto-dialer function will call up to 6 designated phone numbers in case of a security breach
  • Door/Window contacts ​detect any forceful break-in
  • Passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity
  • Loud, Whith 100db Solar Siren ,Blue Flash alarm alerts neighbors
  • With Smart Voice prompt Smoke Alarm , protect your home from fire 


This item Only use 2G Sim Card ,and friends from the United States and Australia please contact us.




TFT color display, user-friendly menu, easy operation, voice prompt operation.





After receiving an alarm, host will display the alarm zone and alarm siren on site, while texting to


and dialing the number preset to inform user






1.if the door is open and user want to alarm the host G19 system will voice prompt "XX Zone is open" to remind user close doors or windows


2.Read RFID card to disarm, can learn 20 cards


3.Low-voltage indication and anti-tamper


4.Built-in rechargeable high capacity LI battery and supply power automatically when power supply failure


5.Caller ID display, power-off reminder





APP control host set and administration, and supports IOS/Android




8 groups scheduling Arm/Disarm function, and date can be selected to avoid arm and disarm frequently manually to realize automatic control



There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone; ON/OFF siren in each zone is available






Wireless study 1527 series accessories, and as much as 99 detectors and remote controls.

Control as much as 20 smart sockets through phone or SMS remotely to realize appliances remote control.


Installation Guide


Q: How is this alarm system work?

A: When you receive the package,you need to plug the sim card (package without sim card) into the alarm panel and connect the 110dB wired siren with the panel,and then set the phone number into the system to receive the alarm call or sms.And then install the door sensors and PIR motion sensors on the doors or other place you need to protect.And when someone enter your house and trigger the sensors,the alarm system will sound siren and dial your phone number or send sms.

Q:Can I order this alarm system if I have no sim card,where I can buy the sim card and I need to pay for the sim card?

A:1.This alarm system with a 110dB siren,so when someone enter your house and trigger the sensors,system will also sound the siren to scare away the thieves even if you do not plug the sim card.So you can order it.But system will not send sms or call you if it without sim card.

2.Users can buy 2G sim card from T-mobile,AT&T or Vodafone,and other area users can order it from local comminication company.

3.It like you use a mobile phone,user need to pay monthly for the sim card.And if the system send sms or call you,you need to pay for this.

Q:How many wireless sensors can work with this system and can I connect wired sensors with it?

A:This system can work with 99PCS sensors like door sensors,pir motion sensors,smoke detectors,gas detectors,wireless smart socket,IR barriers,vibration sensors or other sensors in our store.And this system with 2 wired zones and it can work with about 4-6 wired sensors.

Q:Can I remote control the alarm system by using APP?

A:This alarm system support APP control,and support IOS and Android.


Solar Siren



Installation and Usage of Smoke/Gas Detector

Home/commercial/company/warehouse are necessary for predicting fire To detect the leakage of gas/natural gas/ liquefied gas

Installation and Usage of Smart Socket

Using this product not only give users living convenience,but also protect electronic,eliminate standby power consumption and save power resources